Metro Seniors Split at tricky Chomonix

On a hot and windy Friday, Brookview send 8 men into battle. The Golden team took one on the chin, slowing their forward momentum while the Valley team picked up an important win.

The Golden team, riding a 2 week win streak drops a close one to a Columbia team 10-14. @Thomas-Hansen shot a net 74 versus a net 72 and found himself with a goose egg. @Gary-Ridout found his A game again and his net 70 took all 6 points. Both @Dan-Olson and @Ward-Eames took the first 9, but faded in the end and lost the 2nd 9 and the match to only gain 2 points each.

The Valley team battled Como and each player was able to contribute points. @Jim-Sanford shot another net 80, but was able to get one point. @Dean-Penk had a late charge and posted a nice net 75 which got him 5 of 6 points versus a net 77. Captain @Sheldon-Silberman swept his opponent with 6 out of 6 with a neat 74 in a close match. @Richard-Courtney contributed 5 with his net 75.

With the Brookview teams split, the standings have changed. Golden slides from 2nd to 4th, and the Valley team jumps up to 5th. Only 6 points separate the teams at this point. Both are in the top 1/3 of the league.

Next week Hiawatha hosts. Golden takes on 7th place Green Haven and Valley takes on first place University. This match will mark the mid-point of the season.
To find out more on the league, see Sheldon or Roger.
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