WNL – Week 8 Recap

We’ve reached the mid-way point of the season – with a couple rainouts it certainly doesn’t feel like Week 8.  Remember, there is no 1st half/2nd half winners – the payouts now go to 2 Conference winners ($40/dude on both taem) and the other 2 Division winners ($20/dude on both teams).  Then 2 wildcard teams (one from each Conference) round out the playoffs but win $0.

The GVC is the tight conference right now – Range Balls (255.5 pts) holds a slight lead over WTF (244 pts).  Drive 4 Show (253) lost their first week but hold a seven point lead over Team Hack Attack (246).  Up in the BCC, Fairway 2 Heaven (262) holds a comfortable lead over Young Gunz (244)…for now.  And Foreplay (259.5) is up over Loopers (238.5).  No movement in the standings from last week.  And we got another tie between Loopers and WTF.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 8

Individual Low Gross:

  • Mr. Richard Brynteson dominated the front with a 33 (?!?!) beating out a couple of usual suspects (Howie and Supalla) by one for the $10.  The man says he’s never broken par, yet nearly made birdie on #9, meaning this is one cool customer.  Nicely done, BAGGER (he also won the 2-man low net)!

2-Man Low Net (even weeks):

  • 1st: Richard Courtney (32) & Richard Brynteson (29) – 61 (front) – $17.50 each
  • 2nd: Peter Steichen (35) & Mark Lauffenburger (31) – 66 (back) – $10 each
  • 3rd: Gary Scharmer (36) & Jim Hegedus (31) – 67 (front) – $7.50 each

Weekly Hole Winners ($10 each):

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Jim Husnik
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Dan Olson
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Steve Latham
  • Long Putt #9: Rich Benson
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Don Grove
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Brent Wolosyn
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Brent Lindstrom
  • Long Putt #18: Jay Steffenhagen

There were a few people saying we should write down whether we make a putt or not on the closest-to cards…it’s not an official rule, but would be fun to see!

WNL – Scorecard Rant

I’m working on getting scores in the system for Week 8, but first…

Guys.  Scorecards are slipping.  I have some sloppy cards, and a card with a double whammy this week: no team numbers and no last names.  Sweet!  Steve, Gary, Dan, Jim – not even the guy keeping score can put his last name?  You all signed the card and…nobody noticed?  Let’s introduce ourselves on the first tee, eh boys?  A little handshake, a little “I’m sorry, what was your last name?” if needed?  After the round, if you don’t know your team number by now (?!?!), please grab someone on your team, grab your captain, grab me, and ask!  I enter in 32 scorecards a week, hole by hole, and there are 4 guys on each scorecard…I need your help to make this as smooth and accurate as possible.  This takes a long time when things are perfect.  I can research missing info, but c’mon – I shouldn’t need to.

If you look at the card after the round (like you should) and you don’t see your last name, your team number, or you have a missing or incorrect handicap please – make the change in a legible fashion. It could be voided and you all get 0.  You are all responsible for the scorecard, not just the scorekeeper.

Rant over, but below is the League Guide section on Scorecards.  I’m not voiding any this week (including the above super-sucky card as it is known) but I could have voided at least one card each week, and I am getting close to being a harda$$ about it, boys.  You’re breaking me.  To the 98% keeping great cards, keep it up – it’s very much appreciated.


The League will provide Official League Scorecards and are to be picked up from the Starters.  All matches and Team points are based on accurate and readable scorecards.
The following rules apply to all players:

  • Only the Official Card will be accepted each week. This scorecard will allow for the Match, Match Total, and the Weekly Game
  • It is the policy of the club that at least one golfer from each team must sign the scorecard.
    Submitted cards not attested to by group can be considered void (at the discretion of the WNL Director).
  • All Players full names must be clearly printed (both first and LAST names).
    • Inability to determine who the players are may cause the card to be voided.
  • The Players Team # and Handicap must be clearly identified on the card.
  • Scorecards must be turned in each Wednesday before going home. Scorecards not turned in by the time the WNL Director goes home will be voided and not considered for any point totals.  The WNL Director will ensure there is a prominent drop location each week.
  • UNREADABLE CARDS WILL BE VOIDED BY THE WNL DIRECTOR. The decision to void ineligible score cards is at the discretion of the WNL Director. Please ensure your card is legible.   

Greek Scramble Recap

We had a hot sticky day, with hurricane like winds, that made for a great day of competition!

After a reshuffling of the teams due to some last minute withdraws….gout, 2nd degree burns, lost cancellations….we found replacements and filled 36 members on 9 teams for the day’s event!

The day started off windy and only got more intense as the morning went on. The teams went off at 6:30 and by the last grouping of 7:42, the stiff wind had reached 20mph with stronger gusts!

Needless to say, 7, 8, 16, 17, & 18 were dead into the wind and made for interesting finishes, which determined the tournament standings. Holes 4 & 12 were dead crosswinds with only 2 balls hitting the 4th green all day!

As the scorecards started rolling in and scores began posting, it was a tightly packed event with 0-2 strokes separating the first six teams in the clubhouse, posting +6 – +8 in the brutal conditions….that is until the team of Wethington, Wolosyn, Martin & Maday finished their round. As their score began posting it became apparent that they had conquered not only the conditions, but also dominated the field and posted 141, -3 to become the eventual tournament winners with a runaway victory of 9 strokes. At the end of the day, the final team posted 150 to create a 3-way tie for 2nd.

Here are the final tournament results:

1ST PLACE – Team 6 (141, -3) – Wethington, Wolosyn, Martin, Maday ($38 each, 100 cup points each)

Tie 2nd PLACE – Team 1 (150, +6) Susich, Penk, Gaasedelen, Wagner ($18.60 each, 45 cup points each)

Team 8 (150, +6) Doherty, Medina, Egan, Towey ($18.60 each, 45 cup points each)

Team 5 (150, +6) Stoner, Zejdlik, Koppy, Bernardy ($18.60 each, 45 cup points each)

Hole Prizes

Hole #4 (CTP) – Towey ($10)

Hole #5 (closest in 2) – Zejdlik ($10)

Hole #8 (CTP) – Larson ($10) (in my opinion, the shot of the day, 10ft to a back pin into a 25mph wind)

Hole #12 (CTP) – Wagner ($10)

Hole #15 (long putt) – Hallfin ($10)

Hole #17 (CTP) – Ward ($10)




WNL – Week 7 Recap

Couple big things… We had our first tied match!  Range Balls and Drawshank Redemption split.  Team Hack Attack got a whopping 49 points.  And we are down to one undefeated team, Drive 4 Show, after Foreplay got beat by Last Call.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 7

Individual Low Gross

  • Dave Supalla – 34 (back) $10

Individual Low Net (Odd Weeks)

  • 1st: Mark Lange – 29 (back) $35
  • t2nd: Dylan Niska – 31 (back) $17.50
  • t2nd: Jim Hegedus – 31 (front) $17.50

On Course ($10 each)

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1: Tim Lueder
  • Closest-to-Pin #4: Greg Larson
  • Closest-to-Pin #8: Justin Larson
  • Long Putt #9: Doug Butler
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11: Dan Klein
  • Closest-to-Pin #12: Justin Waters
  • Closest-to-Pin #17: Steven Klatt
  • Long Putt #18: Nick Gnerer


WNL – Week 6 Results

It was a lovely evening for golf, eh!  Almost didn’t matter that those of us on the back teed off about a half hour late and took over 2.5 hours to finish…almost didn’t matter…

A heroic group (I’m crediting the Parsons/Grove/Nau/Kenville grouping) started a movement on the back – waving guys up, once on the green, on #14.  When that tee is at about the 270 yard mark, I think this is a great play – let’s keep it rolling next week if we’re up again, many of us thought it helped a lot in my informal poll of my group.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 6

Big divisional rivalry week.  Two teams got their first win – nice work I Like Big Putts (this week’s high scorers with 45.5) and Zed Heads, it’s a long season so keep digging.

Foreplay (178 total points) and Drive 4 Show (177) have yet to lose and remain atop their divisions and are the top point-getters.  Domination nation, boys, way to get them points.

Fairway 2 Heaven got buzzsawed by a couple Young Gunz who won 9.5 points in their matches (May and Hendrikson) and the squad crept to within 5 points of the division lead.

WTF lost this week (37 points) but holds a 1 point lead over Range Balls, who won (44 points), in the GVC East.

Team Hack Attack went from 4th to 2nd in their tough GVC West division, but Drive 4 Show holds a solid lead after 4 weeks.

And the Loopers…oh those Loopers in their terrific team jerseys – wait, shirts! – creep up from the bottom of the BCC South and into 2nd place behind Foreplay.  Don’t wash those shirts, boys, they’re good luck!  They got you 43 points!

2-Man Low Net (even weeks):

  • 1st: Mark Lauffenburger & Mark Steinhauser – 68 (front) $17.50 each
  • 2nd: Chris Wrecza & Ross Johnson – 69 (back) $10 each
  • 3rd: 5 teams (FIVE) tied with 70 – that would be $1.50 each and would also be dumb.  A scorecard playoff doesn’t work because of the different nines…so I did an old fashioned drawing from an actual hat here in my hotel in Fergus Falls.  Steve Hartmann & Richard Benson win $7.50 each.

Individual Low Gross:

  • Nick Hendrikson wins the $10 for a 35 on the back nine, just beating out Howie Hoffman (36) and Josh Mueller (37)

Weekly Hole Winners ($10 each):

  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1 – Ted Roberts
  • Closest-to-Pin #4 – Robert Monge
  • Closest-to-Pin #8 – Neal Reykdal
  • Long Putt #9 – Gary Scharmer
  • Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11 – Richard Courtney
  • Closest-to-Pin #12 – Stan Hop
  • Closest-to-Pin #17 – Curt Medina
  • Long Putt #18 – Todd Miron

WNL – Scoring Update

Hey guys,

It has been pointed out that our League Guide was a little fuzzy on the way we score matches with an absent team member – because of that along with my own confusion, I have scored these matches incorrectly.  Basically, I was giving away too many points to the team with a no-show.  If Player A and B are playing together, and Player A no-shows, I had Player B playing both opponents for points (theoretically they could gain more than 10 points).  This is wrong – Player B plays against one opponent for the match (the 10 points), and plays the other opponent as a “spoiler” – Player B cannot score points against the second opponent but only tries to minimize points against him in that match.  So if your partner no-shows, it’s important to determine who you are playing against for the actual match and who you are playing against as the “spoiler” (only way I can think of it, sorry).  This ensures there is still a penalty for having a no-show (you are not able to gain points for that match).

That’s my explanation of things, rest assured the League Guide will be updated and I can post that when complete – I just wanted to let you all know prior to this week’s matches that points have been updated.  Thanks and sorry for any confusion – I’ll be around the keg tomorrow if you want to discuss further.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 5 UPDATED

Team #1 CTB goes from 128.5 to 122.5

Team #13 Putt 4 Dough goes from 117.5 to 111.5

Team #6 Six Pack goes from 115 to 109.5

Team #5 Last Call goes from 116 to 117

Team #8 Zed Heads goes from 104.5 to 105.5

From Roger Hamm:

The current language in the league guide is misleading/confusing as it states in one area:

If a Player is deemed Absent, and no Substitute was assigned, then the Absent Player’s teammate plays both opponents based on his own handicap for the purpose of awarding the 9 points for Match Play.
— which is technically true, but the solo player only can win one set of points, not two.

and it states in another area:

In case of an Absent player, the team with one player will play both matches/competitors for the 10 Match Points. The lone player is playing two matches at the same time on each hole.
— which is very misleading.  It is possible for all 10 points to be awarded in the absent player vs player 2 match, but the solo player would have to lose every hole, so 10 Match Play points is unlikely to happen in this case.

As Brad wrote the description above is the most accurate description we have of the intent of the rule.  The rule for absent and late players is unchanged from 2016. However, the league guide poorly describes it and there was a scoring error in the database. The database is fixed. The newly revised league guide is here: http://bmga.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/2017_League_Guide-revised.pdf

Sorry for the confusion – RH

WNL – Week 5 Results

Not a lot of movement in divisional ranks, but large wins by Drive 4 Show (47.5 points), CTB (47 points), and Fairway 2 Heaven (46 points) extend their divisional leads.  WTF also played well to maintain their spot atop the GVC East, but Range Balls are within striking distance.

2017 WNL Standings-Week 5

Individual Low Net (Odd Weeks):

1st: Richard Brower – 30 (front) $35

2nd: Eric Berg – 31 (back) $20

3rd: Jim Hegedus – 32 (back) $15

Individual Low Gross:

Dave Supalla wins $10 for his 34 on the front, beating out Eric Berg (35 on the back) and a handful of 37 posts.

Weekly Hole Winners ($10 each):

Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #1 – Perry Jacobson

Closest-to-Pin #4 – Greg Larson

Closest-to-Pin #8 – Steve Shellenbaum

Long Putt #9 – Todd Crandell

Closest-to-Pin-in-Two #11 – Theo Scheunemann

Closest-to-Pin #12 – Richard Brynteson

Closest-to-Pin #17 – Brady Schmidt

Long Putt #18 – Dan Kjorsvik

Updated 2-Man Match Play Bracket

Good Afternoon,

Attached is the updated bracket for the 2-Man Match Play.

If you have not yet played your first round match, please do so quickly.

If you have and it’s not updated on this sheet, let me know the result so I can update. (jeffrey2e2@yahoo.com)

I will be posting the bracket boards in the clubhouse this weekend. There is some wall space issues that need to be resolved to fit both the 2-man and single man match boards on the wall.

The hole prize winners will receive their chits at the end of the season. The winners are:

Long Putt #1 – Doug Paquette

CTP #4 – Brian Egan

CTP #8 – John Bolduc

CTP #12 – Gerald Meier

Closest in 2 #13 – Nick Hendrickson

CTP #17 – Brady Schmidt


Jeff Towey

Updated 2 Man-Match Bracket